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Hire a Wedding Photographer Who Cares About You More Than Marketing Themselves at Your Event

Carpenter, Cameron “Hire a Wedding Photographer Who Cares About You More Than Marketing Themselves at Your Event.” Hire a Wedding Photographer Who Cares About You More Than Marketing Themselves at Your Event. 12 Mar. 2017 14 Mar. 2017 <­a-­Wedding-­Photographer-­Who-­Cares-­About-­You-­More-­Than-­Marketing-­Themselves-­at-­Your-­Event&id=9662850>.


Phoenix Chandler Scottsdale Wedding Photography AZ

Phoenix Chandler Scottsdale Wedding DJ AZ

Arizona Photography DJ Videography

3 Oceans Entertainment Arizona Photography DJ Videography with service areas in Phoenix, Chandler and Sedona (statewide in Arizona) can be found:

3 Oceans Photography – AZ Wedding Photography, Engagement, Event and Family Photography with Photographer Robbie Carpenter

3 Oceans DJ – AZ Wedding DJ Affordable and Moderate event DJ and MC Cameron3oe

3 Oceans Videography – Affordable Wedding Photography in Phoenix, statewide in AZ with Wedding and Event Videographers Cameron and Robbie Carpenter


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Event DJ Cameron3oe 3 Oceans Entertainment

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Arizona Wedding and Event Photography Videography and Disc Jockey services

3oe YouTube Channel – Arizona Photography, Videography, and Disc Jockey services

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Cameron Carpenter Phoenix AZ

AZ DJ Photographer Videographer Reviews

AZ DJ Photographer Videographer Cameron Carpenter

AZ DJ Photographer Videographer Cameron

AZ Photographer Videographer Robbie Carpenter

AZ Photographer Videographer Robbie

Arizona Wedding DJ Reviews – Arizona Wedding Photographer Reviews

AZ Wedding Videography Reviews

and AZ Event Services Reviews are available at:

Reviews and Ratings of Arizona Wedding Vendors

Cameron and Robbie Carpenter

AZ DJ Photography Videography Services

The website and blog been updated to support our new approach in 2013.  We offer the same quality Arizona Wedding Services as before, just a little more comprehensive now, and still support our friends when we’re overbooked or a job is more suited to them.  We think there’s room out there for all the talented and nice AZ Wedding Vendors who, like ourselves, prefer to work in the best interests of their clients and perform without the constraints of attitude and ego!

Anyway, the site redesign is up at (also accessible from the *much longer url* original version

We’ve also consolidated some of our AZ Wedding DJ reviews with other DJs, Videographers and Photographers in Arizona reviews that we’ve found around the web from various locations – Google, WeddingWire, Yelp, etc. on our new AZ DJ Photo Video reviews page at:

Please check it out if you get a chance.

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AZ Wedding Services - DJ, Video and More

Thank You Christina Green

Christina Green should be, and IS, an inspiration for life.  She did more with her short 9 years than many of us do in 10 times that much time on earth.  I find myself touched by this little angel that I never met, and owe her a debt of gratitude for what she has shown me through her example.

She has reminded me that one can never take a single day for granted.

She inspires me do set down emotional baggage that I have been carrying for far too long.  To Jimmy, principal investor of Gunslinger Records who lost his life in the World Trade Center on Christina’s birthday, I wish you a peaceful farewell.  Good luck to Ritchie and Drew; safe travels to wherever your journeys take you.  It was a great ride, but now it’s time for me to move forward.

We must never forget the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, but those of us still on this planet can consider ourselves fortunate to carry on, and remember that even in despair there is hope and renewal.  The same holds true for the new humans who will come after her, and who will replace us when we are gone.

Thank you, Christina.  Although I did not know you, and only learned of you through the heartbreaking circumstances surrounding your departure, I can honestly say that today there is at least one more person who is better off for having known of you.  Rest in Peace.