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Chinese Wedding

January 11, 2009

So, yesterday we did video production for a beautiful Chinese wedding at The Embassy Suites on 44th St. in Phoenix.  It was fun to see the incorporation of some Chinese traditions such as the Tea Ceremony, and the bride was beautiful in her white wedding dress, and her red reception dress.  I really appreciated the respect for elders that was demonstrated by the Bride and Groom.  Although I believe it IS all about the newly married couple, they really made it great for family and friends.

Keith Perry was the photographer and he was great!  Embassy Suites staff was wonderful, and it was really refreshing to have such pleasant and helpful people to work with.  I didn’t do the DJ work, as they wanted a two camera husband and wife shoot, but I have to admit that their DJ was nice to us, even knowing that I am a wedding DJ as well.  (Often, while performing videography service, another DJ company will be adversarial and look at us as competion, forgetting that we’re on the same team today for the B & G…)

Perhaps an upside to the recession is that some companies in the service industries are remembering that quality and performance come first.   I think too many became jaded and complacent in the good times and forgot about doing their best for each and every event.  If someone is in a customer service industry and doesn’t provide customer service, they should find a new line of work!

Finally, working hard yesterday and recovering today is a really good excuse for leaving my decorations up…

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